Sunday, July 4, 2010


So.......welcome to my blog!! I just learnt about blogging and fashion bloggers are getting fame and fortune with there blog's, even teenagers! so here is is my own blog, my older sis helped me to start and with all the settingup. its so cool individules can have there own blog and show personal-style and fashion!

ummmm lol were to start.......well I love fashion of course!! i beleive fashion is art. the fashion of gossip girl is my fave (luv luV **LUV**JENNY!!!)tho I can't watch the show at home (mom does'nt let me o_O
I'm 14 and my name is Kaylee, i go to normal school and some of my friends like fashion and style too but I'm the Real Fashionista of my groupe hehe:)!

umm I love Twilight & Harry Potter!! well i dunno what else too say right now so plz enjoy my blog with my blog i want to share and learn and express every situation with individule fashion style. lookin forward to lots of followers adn readers and friends :D

thx 4 reading! xoxo K-lee

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