Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twilight Fashions

Hi fashionistas!
I want to show my fave styles from the best movies ever.....well some ppl dont think so but I LOVE THEM..... THE TWILIGHT MOVIES!!! yyyeessssssss lol (hope u like twilight all my friends do) Have u seen Eclipse yet? Stephenie Myer's the best writer behind the Twilight world and all its story's, the best and coolest characters ~Edward & Bella~ and sometimes Jacob too :) I couldent save a lot of pics cuz the computer got full or smthn.......too many pics? I dont think so!! but I'll find more when its fixed.

wow! amazing fashion but the best is the scarf and neckless...of course the guy is a good acsessory to ;P

EEN! Perfect men's style on Edward, notice theyre both wearing blue + gray? Twilight's fashion is full of hints for matching style! See how the jacket's open the same way? Very matching even tho the colors are different. Very chic!

Hair and MakeUp is perfect in Twilight's world too! love this stylish African American hairstyle and the normal American hair

The BEST!! auuuu *dies*
lol, just perfect chic style for men, perfect hair, blue colors on men, cant go wrong! PERFECT

Stay Tuned for more xoxo K-lee
and happy 4th of July!


  1. I love the Twilight Saga too. ha! It`s my guilty pleasure. Shhh...don`t tell anyone

  2. Perfect hair??? Man if a girl saw me with that I wouldn't get a date.